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Ezocamatl Knights Command Group

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🏆 Best for model painting competition and professional paint works.
🔆 UV Laser LFS SLA: 25 µm XY precision. Adaptive Z Layer between 25~50 µm. Industrial-grade 3D printing made in USA 🇺🇲.
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Ezocamatl Knights Command Group

Captain Model Size (Approx.)
1.00x - 4x4x3in (Original)
1.25x - 5x4x3in
1.50x - 6x5x4in
2.00x - 8x7x5in

Musician Model Size (Approx.)
1.00x - 1x4x3in (Original)
1.25x - 2x5x4in
1.50x - 2x6x4in
2.00x - 3x8x6in

Standard Model Size (Approx.)
1.00x - 2x4x5in (Original)
1.25x - 2x5x6in
1.50x - 3x6x7in
2.00x - 4x8x10in

Size not listed? Need a custom size? Have an amazing model to send to us?
Contact US! or customize your own model here.

Please allow lead times as each model is print to order and may vary. We promise the wait will be worth it. Assembly Required. Certain models may contain delicate, sharp, & small parts as its a potential choking hazard. Keep away from children. We recommend to polish, sand, & prime before painting as models are delivered unprimed.

Ezocamatl Knights Command Group is designed by Lost Kingdom in Saurian Ancients.

Uproar Design & Print a.k.a. Uproar.Art is a Lost Kingdom 3D model seller & maker. 3D model © Lost Kingdom - Officially License (Commercial).

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Officially Licensed

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