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Sarah Richter

Darkest Fantastical Elements

Tom Wood

Realistic Horrifying Carnivals & Monstrous Oddities

Vincent Hie

Hyperealistic & Vivid Fears

Echo Chrunik

Beautiful Women with Elderic Magic
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We have various project and ongoing ideas below. Please contact us if you want to participate in.
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Beta Testing
You are invited to test out our new print media: Transparent, Silver, Holographic, Matte Stickers. Contact us to get involved.
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2D 30%-off | 3D 15%-off for students. Upload final print file, student ID, due date. Ship or pick up locally.
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Furriers or Anthro Artists, try this code. Your are special and loved here! (2D art prints, SFW only as Other Art or NSFW will be canceled.)
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Lucian The Grey

by DM Stash
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Founded by a group of artists who believed printing lets fandoms & artists have voices and power.
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We aiming highest level of printing services for bold creators. Together, we rule the art show.
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Use of sustainable sourced exhibition paper, 3DP parts for art installation & reusable packaging materials from local communities.

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