Standard Setting
Digital Fine Art
High resolution, CMYK+OGV wide gamut fine art reproduction at 2400x1200 dpi
Holographic Prints
Grand Format
Holographic Art
7 Popular patterns found in artist alley
Make your next booth jealous
Let's Do this
UV Reversed
Spot Foiled Art
Holographic | Metallic | Glow in the Dark Vinyl
*With Mounting Adhesive

Art Stickers

Classic & Holographic
Holo-Foil | Water Resist + UV Shield
Spot Foiled
Specialty UV
Metallic | Spot-Holo | Glow in the Dark

🤖 No AI-art, thanks UwU!

Although we can't 100% tell, but please respect art community. (We will run detection algorithm on your submission)

🔬Our print under the microscope

*(Image on Left) 🐲 Uproar's 12-channel inkjet at 2400x1200 dpi
*(Image on Right) 🐱 CatPrint, one of the exemplary printing press.
*11x17" Matte paper, image credit to Sarah Richter, client of Uproar studio.

// In Prototype //
Coming up...
Magnetic Art Prints & Mat | Aeronautic Alloy Print-on-metal | Static Cling | Full-color 3D Printed Charms | Laser Cutting | Water Jet Cutting and more art crafting ideas