The Grand Format

Holographic Prints

Laminate your art with sparking coating! We make monster-sized print with a tough of magic.

Diamond Stars
Crystal Shards
Bubble Fizz
Hearts & Flowers
Aurora Rainbow
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints
Holographic Prints

Holographic Prints

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Requires images with Adobe RGB color profile embedded; please convert or assign profile. Minimum 300 pixel per inch for art but larger preferred.
Custom sizes & shapes up to 24-inch wide, contact us for quotes or refer to our pricing standards

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Holographic Prints

Grand format, up to 24 inch wide holographic prints with various patterns is now available for artist alley and fan artists. Wide gamut, gallery grade, digital fine art printing and cold press for image longevity.


This print technique ideal for:

  • Anime & Fandom arts
  • Events & celebrations
  • Pop-art posters
  • Gifts


  1. Minimum image size is 300 pixel per inch, or professionally shot/edited image data (more data = better print)
  2. Measure the space before placing our print work
  3. Dedicated, gallery lighting and full spectrum lighting recommend
  4. Cleaned wall surface for secure

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Applicable for:
• Art Student
• Artists who licensed art works with us
• Creative professionals with positive social media influence

Found it on…
• Event or convention
• Partnered website, group, studio, or associations
• Brand ambassador and any client referrals
• Studio Campaign

Contact our studio e-mail "" for:

  • Special size & shapes not in our sizing standard, including certain popular size
  • Additional print instructions for framing & framing referral (transfer service to frame shop)
  • Files review for paper/media choice (We provide advice, and will not force, or persuade you to do unnecessary upgrades)
  • Service & Support

Review our Refund Policy

Shipping cost can vary significantly depending on size, material of the print, and packaging method.

To reduce the waste, we may pack your art with recycled or post-consumer packaging material.

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Wide Gamut
12-Color Channel Printing
Primary: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo & Matte Black

Gradient Boost: Light Cyan, Vivid Light Magenta, Gray, Light Gray

Color Boost: Orange, Green, Violet
Green Studio
Sustainable Printing
Reduced, Reused & Recycled Packaging
Printed in 2~10 Business Day

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