🎇 3D Model

Laser LFS SLA for professional models, filming props, creative workss

🔩 Engineering

Flexible, Tough, Durable, Rigid, High-Temp, ESD *Additional Resin Tank Charges

🧬 BioMed

Serializable for biomedical R&D
*Additional Resin Tank Charge

💍 Wax

Castable 40% Wax, 20% Wax
*Additional resin tank charges may apply


Selective Laser Sintering Nylon 12 powder for tough & high-performance models

🌈 Full-color

Investor pitch, production reference, and advanced 3D product development

📌 Important Starting Guides (Please Read)

Pricing Factors: material cost, labor, run time, waste disposal, complexity of the model

Standard: $0.45~1.0 / mL
Castable WAX: $0.75~1.5 / mL
*Engineering: $0.60~2.0 / mL
(*May require resin tank)

Selective Laser Sintering, SLS
Nylon Powder $215~250 / kg

Full-Color Project
Base $250 + $2.50~3.75 / g ($70~105 / oz)

From Licensed Creators:
Any custom size 3D Hobby model listed on uproar.art will be a custom project

  • Generally, allow us 1~2 week for communicating and/or production
  • Multiple/Large/Group order, please inform us and we will make an arrangement
  • Production has fail rate, and we will take extra time to re-print
  • Please plan ahead and allow your project timeline is flexible
  • We can't do rush order

Most of the model leaning at the angle between 15 to 45 degree.


Small Batch: 14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm (5.7 × 5.7 × 7.3 in)
Large Batch: 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm (13.2 × 7.9 × 11.8 in)

165 × 165 × 300 mm (6.5 x 6.5 x11.8 in)

Full-Color or large project:
Variable, and need coordination and lead time.

Check and fix model's integrity:

  • Drain holes for hollow models
  • Zero-thickness walls
  • Non-manifolds
  • Inverted face normal

    Please Consider:
    Safe-to-print wall thickness: 1 mm~1.5 mm
    Potential orientation causes "cupping", cavity that traps resin

Other concerns:

  • Missing data, color and materials etc.
  • Unsupported format
  • Conversion errors
    Seam line for big models

** Resins Contains Aggressive Chemicals: Tough 2K, Flexible 50A, Rigid 4K/10K, Grey Pro, ESD
Resin tank's maximum lifetime is 10 weeks (75 days) or 250 hours of printing, which ever occurs first.

** Resins Contains Moderate-Aggressive Chemicals: Draft, 80A, Model, Dental LT Clear, BioMed Clear.
Resin tank's maximum lifetime is 35 weeks (250 days) or 600 hours of printing, which ever occurs first.

Yes, we accept NDA projects, print files only kept for 14 days or until the print works are completed. We can receive your data through our encrypted upload or your share links. We recommended data protected by passwords.

For non-NDA projects. We are glad to give a shout-out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You will have our professionally shot photos. Please let us know if your product want to be shared.

Uproar studio use industrial-grade 3D printer for professional job. We are NOT using consumer-grade 3D printers, even they marketed as pro model. (Ex. Elegoo, AnyCubic, Phrozen, Creality etc.) You may find most of cheap service on Etsy with undisclosed materiel safety and handling.

We NEVER mix resin, or source any consumables from unauthorized sellers. TDS / MSDS datasheet available upon request. Cleaning SLA parts will use 99% denatured alcohol at least four times. Some models will have ultrasonic bath.

📥 Request for Quote

  • In "message" section, please provides share link with proper named objects (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive)
  • 📦 3D model in STL or OBJ format. Color-3D model in VRML or OBJ with dependent color data (UV map, texture etc.)
  • Leave notes for quantity, size, scale, type of material and/or desired mechanical property

📝 Add Additional Notes:

  • Regular shipping, express, or local pickup?
  • Finest detail or fastest printing?

⚠ 3D Printing have longer lead time, pace your workflow carefully

⚠ We start printing when payment is cleared!

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