2D Printing FAQs

Color Profile
"Adobe RGB" Color Profile, will convert non-adobe color space.

300 pixel per inch is minimum, (Example: 6x8 image = 1800x2400 pixel)
**If necessary, we are able to enlarge your images using our AI technology.

Basic Upload Option
Submit a high-resolution image/images *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.TIFF, *.TIF or high Resolution 1-layered *.PSD, *.PSB format files.

Advanced Options
Contact us @ hello@uproar.art & share a link with "3-layered Photoshop" *.PSD/*.PSB files:

1. Varnish: Black & White Layer indicating the area needed for the varnish.
2. White: Black & White Layer indicating the area needed for white
3. Graphic: Full Color, print white as blank

**Note: If you wish for us to proof your work, extra fees may apply.

* Clean wall surface before art installation
* Measure the space before placing your print
* Dedicating a type of gallery light & full spectrum lighting recommended

For cleaning a 2D printed surface:
* DO NOT use alcohol, solvent, and/or cleaning chemicals on the surface
* PLEASE USE lens wiping fabric for cleaning delicate surfaces
* ALWAYS CHECK the hanging station for wear and tear (Contact Us if damaged)

Yes we can! Our studio has an in house CNC Machine which is used for cutting metal boards. It is also capable of doing Die & Kiss cut for Stickers!

Contact hello@uproar.art for:
* Special sizes & shapes (Circle, Oval, free-form, etc.)
* Kiss, Die or both cuts for Stickers.

We do not specialize in any frame work for your prints. However, feel free to Contact Us. We can either help you find options or get you setup with a local framer!

We are always willing to help build and support our local businesses/communities.

Our giant poster printer can print up to a 48 inch roll, but can be as long as you like.

Please note, we do not do full bleed as this can ruin our printer. We highly recommend cropping and sizing your art accordingly using .5 from 48 inches as reference.

**Size will vary by the roll type as not all rolls will be 48 inches.

Our UV Flat bed Printer can print 4' x 8' feet and print material that is 3.14 thick.

The average amount would be about 1/8" in. from the border. As long as you have your layers separated from the guidelines, we'll be able to work with your design. We recommend using Illustrator or a layer file so we can adjust your cut.

We can also help set up your file for you. We'll always make sure to send a proof before we do the final print work. We understand how time sensitive this process can be for some artists and will do everything we can to make sure your prints are on a timely schedule.

3D Printing FAQ

Uproar Studio 3D Files Setup
We will add the supports and can do hollowing for you.
**We accept *.STL, *.OBJ, *.FORM format files.

Step 1 - Contact hello@uproar.art to send the file & specify which resin type.
Step 2 - You will receive a quote & a secure payment link.
Step 3 - Upon receiving a full payment, your print will be queued for production.

Advanced Client 3D Files Setup
Clients can send us 3D sculpt files already prepped. Please read carefully for specifications.
*.FORM files is highly recommended with the latest software by PreForm from Formlabs.

Step 1 - Refer to the design guide for specific resin to best setup the model for a successful print.
Step 2 - Import the model. It is recommended to use Meshmixer for hollowing to save material costs. Always hollow BEFORE importing the final model file. Then Setup the model by using the orientation & minimal touch points suggested by Preform.
Step 3 - Arrange all supported models fitting the plate size for 3B or 3L, ensuring resin is not wasted.

Unfortunately, our studio only provides printing services at this time.

However, we highly recommend our partners BrushforHire, sparkhammerminis, and SophiaBarbia. They can all be contacted on their respected Instagram accounts.

They have painted some of our models in the past and can be seen on our Instagram @uproar.art under Client Work Story Highlights.

For our large Prints, we are able to Print the size of a bicycle helmet using our 3L Printer. The volume is approximately: 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm.

Our Form 3 tends to be more detailed then the 3L as the layer thickness can go down to .25mm/adaptive . 3L can only go down to .50mm.

We recommend to splice the model into smaller pieces whenever possible while taking in account the models weight. Hollowing is very effective for less weight issues during the printing process.

For prints bigger than the 3L, we suggest contacting us to help you find a manufacturer.

3D Assembly & Maintenance

Our models are made with SLA Resin by Formlabs, so therefore they are a type of plastic/ resin that cures by UV Light, and as such you will need use items that have a strong affinity with plastic and resin.
We recommend sanding a few keyholes if they don't fit well and preassemble before gluing.

• For our models, we typically use either 2 part epoxy or cynoacrylade (super glue). We recommend 2 part epoxy for heavier pieces/ pieces with gravity involved. Super glue is good for tiny pieces and a general all purpose model.

• An alternate way would be using the resin itself or UV resins and a UV flashlight to cure it as the SLA itself will create a very strong bond. Many tough glues are resin based, including epoxy and polyurethane, and many in the Pouring Resin/ Mold Making community use the resins as a glue. However, this is considered toxic & messy without proper ventilation and should be as a last resort. We at Uproar do not use this method.
Please take proper precautions and equipment before attempting this. Use with Caution

Refer to the Formlabs website, forums or your local miniature DND social media groups for extra tips.

Although we do our very best to ensure your model is thoroughly cleaned before shipping, sometimes a model can arrive with leaking and/or sticky residue.

Leaking is leftover SLA resin that is usually hidden within a hollowed print. The cause of this leaking usually occurs due to be shaken during the shipping process and/or weather.

If leaking has occured:
• Simply shake vigorously with the hollow side facing downward onto a towel. Wipe the excess resin using a paper towel saturated with rubbing alcohol. Let dry. Continue this process if needed.

If there is sticky residue:
- You will need a pan with paper towels to hold your model, rubbing alcohol, & a small syringe.
- Do not wash in the same sink used for food preparations.
- Fill syringe with rubbing Alcohol. Inject the syringe with rubbing alcohol into hollow hole over sink. Turn model upside down. Drain & Shake downwards. Repeat several times if needed.
- Place on pan for drying, preferably near a fan. Pat & Shake any excess resin with paper towel.

• As a last resort, cure with UV Light/ Direct Sunlight for a few minutes. Our resin is designed to cure under a UV laser and that should also evaporate any rubbing alcohol.
**Note Curing certain models, especially white or clear resins, will cause yellowing. We recommend monitoring this process & to not leave the model too long under the curing light.

Rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on hands & wash with soap afterwards.

• Rubbing Alcohol: Add rubbing alcohol onto a small sponge. Lightly wipe the scratch. Dry using an unusued sponge. Repeat until the scratch is less noticeable. The alcohol slightly melts the resin and will help soften it. This method is a means to close the gap of said scratch.

• Sanding Wheel Polish: Another method is by using a polish wheel. We don't recommend this on very thin pieces as this will break the model. Refer to the wheels guide and local DND guilds for further instructions.

We recommend to lightly polish, sand and clean the model beforehand. This will allow the paint to adhere to the surface while also removing any leftover bumps from the supports.

Always use primer and an undercoat before applying your paints.

There is a guide available by Formlabs with more information on prepping/painting your model. You can also join any D&D, Warhammer, or minature model painting guilds for further advice on how to paint your models.

Distributor/ Licensor/ Collaborator Programs

A brand ambassador is essentially an influencer/collaborator program. We'd work closely together to not only print your commissioned work but to also promote each other via social media.

We recognize the power of what Artist communities, both Fine Art and Miniature Makers, can bring to this world. We created this program to help these communities artistic passion and are dedicated to making Exhibition Quality prints accessible to artists.

Please click this Link or Contact Us for more info.

Our fine art work is licensed through Joseph Tate Licensing and our 3D models are licensed through their respected artists/labels.

We are allowed to print these pieces in any creative way. You may even see them at future tradeshows! We pride ourselves in making quality prints. No cheap knock offs distributed here!

Of course! We're always looking for Artists to join our library!

Commissions will be between 6 to 10% for each sale made through our website.

Just Contact Us or email us at hello@uproar.art to get started.

YES! We offer artists a 30% discount off their entire order.

Here is how to qualify...

You may apply if you are:

• An Art Student (Valid ID Required)
• A Licensed and/or Partnered Artist
• A Creative professional with a consistent social media platform

You may also apply if you…
• Were contacted/invited via an event or convention
• Are Partnered with a website, group, studio, or association
• Are a Brand ambassador with reputable client referrals
• Are a Studio Campaign

Once confirmed, the discounted code will be available upon purchase review. We suggest contacting us beforehand to help you walk through the intial process. 

Shipping & Processing Policy

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