Vinyl Banner Printing Service

💰 Good Cost / Performance value for artists, small business, promotion, and convention venues!
💡 Print big ideas! Anime wall arts, posters, seasonal promotions, event displays and directions.
🌈 Bold color, 10-ink channel UV printed banner for indoor & outdoor display

🚫 WE DO NOT PRINT A.I. GENERATED ART as we respect artists and communities. (Use of “AI tool” is allowed, such as background removal or upscale etc.)
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Vinyl Banner Printing Service

Custom vinyl banner printing service by Uproar Design & Print offering, smooth block-out vinyl. Suitable for wall art, wall scrolls, events and trade show graphics.


  1. Set up the file with right proportion
  2. Leave a message about grommet application
  3. How to print Full Page: Option A // We will extend image by 1" and give "safe zone" for print edge to edge. Option B// leave 1" Bleed + Crop Mark on PDF or design files.
  4. Legal & Copyright: Strictly no NSFW (figurative art is accepted and may require approval of all studio teammates). Client take full responsibility of image copyrights. Any violation lead termination of service.
  5. Minimum image resolution is 300 pixel per inch, or professionally shot/edited image data (more data = better print)
  6. Pre-flight Check: We will convert any files into Adobe RGB color profile. Check everything: Cropping, typesetting, design, layers, and no spot color (will convert).

Contact our studio e-mail "" for:

  • Sending Very Large Files (send low-res first to get through our upload)
  • Want to open a case for service packages (Ex: event / festival contain multiple graphic solutions)


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