UV Printing with Spot VFX

💙🩷💛🖤 CMYK + 🍎 Red + ❄️ Light Cyan & 🌸 Light Magneta + 🐺 Grey
Create unique visual effect with 🤍 White and 💧Glossy raised varnish
🧲 Create attractive art with spot glittering texture, metallic foil, glow-in-the-dark and more!

🚫 WE DO NOT PRINT A.I. GENERATED ART as we respect artists and communities. (Use of “AI tool” is allowed, such as background removal or upscale etc.)

🎓 Requires advanced file handling skill: Please refer our design guide. (Pre-press file setup charges separately)

⚠️ WARNING: Do not bend, roll or fold your spot foiling print. Damage to the product may occur due to the type of material/printing technique. Always keep print flat.

🚨 For small prints as a set, make sure the quantity of your order meets the amount for your project. Example: 40 pieces of 8x8 art = "8x8 (Set of 4)" with order quantity of 10.

🌐 Global & Domestic Shipping / Shipping refundable if picked up locally. (Backup shipping still required for checkout)

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⏳ Turnaround time depends on the size of the projects, may take 1~2 day or 2+ weeks, then go into shipping. Please add notes if you have deadline or contact us for quote in advance.

💡 Comes with adhesive backing for optional mounting need in the future. Custom sizes & shapes up to 24-inch in short edge, contact us for quotes

💡 Orders printed as sets can be different images

📱 Contact "hello@uproar.art" for custom quote if any size not listed or reviewing multiple projects

UV Printing with Spot VFX

UV Printing with Spot VFX brings prismatic, metallic, glow-in-the-dark, and 22K gold leaf effect to your art. Printed in 10-channel fine art UV printing enabling artists using white ink, spot gloss 3D varnish, and drop-out techniques. Custom spot foil printing brings unique artistic expressions to the show.



  1. Furry Fandom & Fan Art are welcome to use our UV printing services.
  2. Artistic figurative art is accepted. If you believe it's NSFW, place a warning so we won't get suprised.
  3. Clients must take full responsibility of their images and their copyright
  4. NO AI-Art, especially for commercial use.

Contact our studio e-mail "hello@uproar.art" for:

  • Special sizes & shapes that are not present in our sizing standard options, including certain popular sizes
  • Additional print instructions for framing & framing referral (we'll transfer services to frame shops)
  • File review for paper/media choice (We provide advice, to the best of our ability, and will not force or persuade you to do any unnecessary upgrades)
  • Further Service & Support

Review our Refund Policy

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Custom Spot Foil Printing Uproar.art
Custom Spot Foil Printing Uproar.art

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