UV Printed Stickers with spot VFX

💙🩷💛🖤 + extended red ❤️ & grey 🩶 + light cyan & magenta 🫧 for delicate tonal transition
Create spot foil visual effect by taking advantage of ☁️ White-ink layer, or overlay color on top of VFX vinyl for unique effects
Experiment with💧Raised varnish, which add spot gloss and 3D texture to your art

🔬 Trial orders and 🦊 fursona stickers are welcome
🎓 Requires advanced file handling skill: please refer our design guide for 3-layer PSD file for UV printing and all sticker setups
⚠️ WARNING: Do not bend, roll or fold your spot foiling stickers. Damage to the product may occur due to the type of material/printing technique. Can be placed on slightly curved surface (ex: thermal bottle). Avoid sharp edges.

💡 Fit as many as you can on the Artboard, any size, any art
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UV Printed Stickers with Spot VFX

UV Printed Stickers with spot VFX printing service by Uproar Design & Print offer weather proof vinyl and holographic foiled sticker printed with wide gamut printing. Our stickers cut precisely and have no minimum quantity in the batch.


  1. Furry Fandom & Fan Art are welcome
  2. Please do not send NSFW/inappropriate images, but artistic figurative art is accepted
  3. Clients must take full responsibility of their images and their copyright
  4. NO AI-Art for commercial use.

Review our Refund Policy

Shipping cost can vary significantly depending on size, material of the print, and packaging method.

To reduce the waste, we may pack your art with recycled or post-consumer packaging material.

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Custom Special VFX Vinyl Stickers Printing Uproar.art
Custom Special VFX Vinyl Stickers Printing Uproar.art

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