Fine Art Giclée

Sustainable-sourced fiber blends in museum-grade fine art papers with 12-ink channel printing technology

Agave | Bamboo | Hemp | Sugar Cane
Digital Fine Art Papers

Wide Gamut
12-Color Channel Printing
Primary: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo & Matte Black

Gradient Boost: Light Cyan, Vivid Light Magenta, Gray, Light Gray

Color Boost: Orange, Green, Violet
Green Studio
Sustainable Printing
Reduced, Reused & Recycled Packaging
Printed in 2~10 Business Day
Rough & Delicate Texture


290 gsm | 19 mil Thick | 89% Natural White | 99 Opacity | Non-OBA | Hahnemühle, Germany
Soft & Felt Texture


290 gsm | 19 mil Thick | 83% Natural White | 99 Opacity | Non-OBA | Hahnemühle, Germany
Lightly & Felt Texture


290 gsm | 19 mil Thick | 89% Natural White | 99 Opacity | Non-OBA | Hahnemühle, Germany
Defined Textured

Sugar Cane

300 gsm | 20 mil Thick | 83.5% Natural White | 99.5 Opacity | Non-OBA | Hahnemühle, Germany

Sustainable Fine Art Giclée

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Sustainable Fine Art Giclée

Printing service on sustainably sourced, award-winning museum grade paper made of agave, bamboo, hemp or sugar cane by Hahnemüle. We advocate for the use of green and sustainable fine art prints.



  1. Fandom & Fan Art is welcome to be printed as fine art.
  2. Legal & Copyright: Strictly no NSFW & pornography; however, nudity, over-sexualized / erotic figurative art is accepted and may require approval of all studio teammates. Client take full responsibility of image copyrights, we will coordinate with any copyright investigations and report to creators. Any violation lead termination of service.
  3. Minimum image resolution is 300 pixel per inch, or professionally shot/edited image data (more data = better print)
  4. To Print Full Page: We will extend image by 0.125" (1/8 inch), or leave 0.125" Bleed + Crop Mark on PDF or design files. Do not over stretch image.
  5. Pre-flight Check: We will convert any files into Adobe RGB color profile. Check everything: Cropping, typesetting, design, layers, and no spot color (will convert).
  6. For Very Large Files: For near-gigabyte files and up, such as Adobe PhotoShop *.psd *.psb, no-compression PDF, and *.tiff format. Contact us immediately and create a file transfer after placing your order. (Write a note to us about print specification and your order, and you may submit dummy low-res image to get through our file upload). If no respond after 3 days, we reject your order and proceed refunds.

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Applicable for:

  • Art Students & Educators
  • Artists (incl. licensor with us)
  • Creative professionals (social media influencer)

Found it on…

  • Ask college, classmates or instructors
  • Studio announcements, sales event, convention
  • Partnered website, group, studio, or associations
  • Brand ambassadors, referrals


Contact our studio e-mail "" for:

  • Special size & shapes not in our sizing standard, including certain popular size
  • Additional print instructions for framing & framing referral (transfer service to frame shop)
  • Files review for paper/media choice (We provide advice, and will not force, or persuade you to do unnecessary upgrades)
  • Service & Support

Shipping cost can vary significantly depending on size, material of the print, and packaging method.

To reduce the waste, we may pack your art with recycled or post-consumer packaging material.

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